Former Client Comments.*

Ricky T. 

"​If your looking for an attorney who will fight for you, then Ben is that attorney. He is professional, persistent, and represents you with a passion you only see from family or friends. I had two DUI's and was pulled over during a DUI checkpoint. I was looking at losing my license..losing  job, and everything I had worked so hard for. Ben didn't stop until he had pulled the pas logs, requested all records and saw what was going on. Turns out the machine wasn't calerbrated right, the records were false, and there were just too many discrepancies. Ben then took my case in front of the judge and made these cops and their department look like a joke. The cops were so upset, they tried lying on the stand but the judge saw right through them. I was the only one represented by Ben that day, and I was the only one to win my case, 5 cases heard before mine, all found guilty. I will forever be thankful for Ben's help, and will forever consider him family. If your in trouble and need someone to help, call Ben and know you have someone working hard on your side.....Ricky T.

Jax T.

"Benjamin Scarfe saved my career twice best lawyer for Yuba-Sutter area."

"Benjamin has taken two cases for me he also helped me with other problems he wasn't even paid for. I had a suspected DUI in 2012 Ben fought all year won the DMV so I kept my license.Mr Scarfe dissected my case to the point it was thrown out I blew a .21 and walked Ben worked very hard for me and helped me feel comfortable minimizing stress throughout the case. Without been my career would have been over. Recently Ben took a hit and run case and turned another career killer into a minor infraction that will not even go on my record after driving school. Ben is a very nice knowledgeable gentleman he is a spartan warrior in the courtroom and a good friend out of the courtroom I could write 3 pages on Ben and why he is the best lawyer I have ever seen. I called other lawyers in the area I knew right away after talking to Ben he was the one thanks for everything Ben I luv ya man lol sincerely ..."


"Very Professional, and Trustworthy."
"Mr. Scarfe is a very personable and knowledgeable lawyer that listens to you as a client and as a human being. He is very straight up and helpful, he cares about each of his cases and commends a lot of his time to making sure that a client has the most favorable outcome in the worst of situations. If you want an attorney that sees you as more than just a name on a piece of paper and will fight for you, then mr. Benjamin Scarfe is for you!"


​"By far the best decision I have ever made. So so greatful for mr Scarfe and everything he did. Not only did he treat me like a friend/family, he fought his butt off for me for a entire year until he got my case dismissed. If you want someone who is not only very affordable, but someone who is down to earth, treats u like a friend/family go see mr Scarfe. I can't thank you enough!


"Ben was not only a crucial part of my case, but a friend to guide me through the process. He was very knowledgable, provided great recommendations as far as our course of action, and fought very hard for me. We were able to avoid trial and take the most ideal plea bargain possible for my case. He was always polite, well dressed, and punctual. I highly recommend Mr. Scarfe to anyone looking for representation."


"Ideal lawyer"

​In NorCal, resources are very few and many counties appear to engage in kangaroo court tactics. Benjamin Scarfe helped dismiss charges that could have potentially sent me away for life. In doing so, he also kept me fully informed of what the potential outcome could be, how to prepare in the meantime and put me at ease with the next steps to be taken, if the worst outcome played out. He brought out inconsistencies, lack of evidence and appeared to make the prosecuters look like keystone cops. Whether he truly believed in my innocence or not, he fought for me as if he did and used all his resources and contacts available to defend me. He is the best lawyer and I would recommend him unequivocally."

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